™ Chateau Del Rei Sparkling Wine is a trade mark of Chill Beverages International. 

Chateau Del Rei is a range of sparkling wines, conveniently packaged 

in a can for Instant Celebrations anytime anywhere! This range is the perfect companion for outdoor events, picnics, camping, open-air concerts or wherever you are in the mood to just have a glass or two!

Natural Sweet

Chateau Del Rei Sweet Sparkling wine. A blend of Chenin Blanc & Muscat. Perfect with fish & pasta dish. Best served chilled.

7% Alcohol - 250ml serving.

A blend of Chenin Blanc & Pinotage

rich salmon colour with a vibrant pink hue. Perfect with summer salads, chicken & soft cheeses.

Best served chilled.

7% Alcohol - 250ml serving.


This is a blend of Chenin blanc and Muscat varietals. A wine for all occasions – compliments fresh
oysters, sushi, poached salmon and duck. Enjoy it on its own as your companion. Best served chilled.

9.5% Alcohol - 250ml serving.

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